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Dear Prospective Colleague , Thank You for Linking Up with Us. There are definitely lots of Ways in which we can Collaborate in a Professional (and Regulatory) Manner. One of the first things which we are doing is (formally) getting Professionals Certified (Internationally) as African Traditional Medicine (ATM) Doctors. There are various routes to this particular ATM Certification. Those who do not have an Accredited University Degree can do the Programme over 3 Years , while those who do have an Accredited…

Alternative Medicine Professor

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__________________________________________________ THE SHAMED DOCTORSREHABILITATION PROGRAMME__________________________________________________
Professor Doctor Joseph Obi , the Most Excellent State Counsellor of Biafra , is currently assisting Embattled (and Shamed or Disgraced) UK Medical Doctors to get Back on Track. UK NHS Doctors with General Medical Council (GMC) or Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) Hearings can now get Expert Phone Advice , Comprehensive Professional Guidance , Intensive Educational Support and Regular (Survival-Focused) Personal Empowerment. This Free Service is primarily run by (Fully Accredited) International Regulatory Consultants. Doctor Obi also (Lawfully) Assists the Following Categories of Medical School Dropouts to Legitimately get their Medical Careers back on Track : * Former Med School Course Students. * Ex Medical Studies Undergraduates. * GMC Rejects , NHS Misfits and MPTS Cas…