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Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) - 2008 Online Training Course

We are exceedingly pleased to announce that Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) is currently offering Online Professional Mentorship to those wishing to become either Alternative Medicine Doctors or Qualified Wellness Consultants.

Applications are also being warmly welcomed from those Scientists and Statutorily Registered Healthcare Professions who are seriously wishing to ethically cross over to the field of Evidence Based Alternative Medicine (EBAM).

For more details, please kindly visit the official RCAM website at

The Chief Mentor of the 2008 RCAM Course in Evidence Based Alternative Medicine is Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM(Dublin).

About Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM(Dublin)

Professor Joseph Chikelue ObiFRCAM(Dublin) is a (highly controversial) Qualified Wellness Consultant and International Medical Doctor who has successfully passed all steps of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) , inclusive of Step 3 (for Permanent Licensure) and the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA).

His USMLE/FSMB ID is 0-618-064-0 and he presently still maintains Active Physician Practising Licenses in certain countries where he personally chooses to do a lot of Charitable Medical Work.

He has lawfully earned a fully accredited Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree and is also currently the Chief Political Strategist of a Major International Campaign to promote the ethical use of Evidence Based Alternative Medicine (EBAM).

Please kindly endeavour to duly visit either or for more details about what he is into.