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Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi boldly hints that a New Alternative Medicine Title will soon be in place . . .

Alternative Medicine Visionary , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has bullishly announced that Alternative Medicine Doctors will soon be getting their very own Exclusive Designatory Prefix.

Speaking via Satellite Phone, Doctor Obi said:

" It remains open knowledge that Alternative Medicine Doctors , Alternative Medicine Healers , CAM Practitioners , Qualified Wellness Consultants , Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors , Witch Doctors, Spiritualists , Psychics , Health Gurus , Lifestyle Mentors and all other Alternative Medicine Activists urgently need an Intellectually Robust , Statutorily-ProtectedPrefix ; which will boldly appear before their names , so that members of the public can clearly be able to identify them accordingly.

Permit me to announce that we will soon be able to lawfully unveil the exclusive existence of such a Title - sometime within the next five months or so."