Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi : " New Alternative Medicine Prefix Title Will Cause Global Pandemonium"

Controversial Alternative Medicine Hardman , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM(Dublin) , has cheekily hinted that the New Alternative Medicine Prefix Title will be almost as controversial as it's Maverick Creator.

Responding to a recent email concerning the Designation , Professor Obi said:

"A lot of exceptionally bitter skeptics (out there) foolishly seem to think that my statutory acquisition of the Key Intellectual Property Rights to Royal College of Alternative Medicine was the greatest political coup of my entire life.

Let them carefully think again : For Lo and Behold , something greater than Royal College of Alternative Medicine is just about to manifest itself on very the 1st day of November 2008.

The New Alternative Medicine Prefix Title will be so damn sensational that it will maverickly (but lawfully) attempt to turn the whole-wide-world on it's head , in total professional pandemonium - and there will be precious little that any single one of those wretched little naysayers will actually be able to legally do about it.

So do kindly watch this space , Ye Profound Skeptic Doubters of Exceedingly Little Faith . . . for the absolutely unstoppable Joseph Chikelue Obi is just about to strike again ! "

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