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Alternative Medicine Campaign ¦ RCAM No Frills Professional Empowerment Programme

The Alternative Medicine Campaign is exceedingly pleased to announce the Introduction of a (Recession-Proof) 'No Frills' Professional Empowerment Programme (PEP) , which is ethically targeted at those Alternative Medicine Professionals who are currently not in a position to afford Fellowship of RCAM (and the Alternative Medicine Doctor Professional Prefix Designation).

The 7 Key Benefits of the RCAMProfessional Empowerment Programme (PEP)

* An Official RCAMProfessional Empowerment Programme (PEP) ID Card

* Ethical Access to the RCAM LinkedIn Group Networking Forum

* 5% (Five Percent) Discount off All Future RCAM Fellowship and other Designation (Upgrade) Fees

* 5% (Five Percent) Discount off All Future RCAM Conferences and Training Initiatives

* 5% (Five Percent) Discount off All Future RCAM Seminars and Wellness Consultations

* Unlimited RCAM Income Generation Opportunities

* (Life-Long) RCAM Continuing Professional Mentorship

Please carefully note that :

* Ordinary Subscribers to t…