Professor Joseph Obi | London Apprenticeship Venues | Marble Arch | Canary Wharf

This is a very short update for all those who are applying for the London Clinical Apprenticeship Programme of Professor Joseph Obi.

You must ensure that you permanently choose one of the Following Locations :

* Marble Arch (Central London)


* Canary Wharf (London Docklands)

This is to enable Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi to adequately ensure that your Alternative Medicine Clinic Rota is duly sorted out in an exceedingly orderly fashion.

Please firmly note that Professor Joseph Obi will not be able to Change Your Venue at a much later date : So you must be 100% sure of your Choice of Venue ; right from the Application Stage.

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Doctor Joseph Obi

Prof Joseph Obi

Prof Joseph Obi