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Dr Joseph Obi Launches New Alternative Medicine Petition | Asks UK Government For Greater Alternative Medicine Support

Dr Joseph Obi recently created an Official Petition calling for Greater UK Government Support for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Please kindly click here to visit the Downing Street Website for further information.

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi has specifically asked for the Petition to run right up till the spring of 2010 ; so please kindly spread the word.

Alternative Medicine Clinic Owners should please additionally try to bring this Petition to the direct attention of their Clients.

Thank You.

Joseph Obi | Updated Profile Information | FaceBook Contact Details

We were recently informed that some of you are still not able to find the Official Facebook Profile of Dr Joseph Obi.

Since there are so many hundreds of people on Facebook with the very same name as Professor Joseph Obi , please kindly always include the full name of Joseph Chikelue Obi in all of your Detailed Facebook Searches.

Do have an Exceedingly Wonderful Day !

The Online Publicity Team of Professor Joseph Obi