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Wellness Clinics Network : Join Our Programme !

Owners of Alternative Medicine Clinics are publicly invited to join the Wellness Clinics Network - so that they can ethically generate Additional Clientelle without having to spend many thousands of Dollars on External Promotion Packages.

Please kindly Click Here to request for Further Information about the Wellness Clinics Network

Wellness Clinic Update : October 2009 : Dr Obi to open 3rd Alternative Medicine Clinic in London

Professor Joseph Obi is pleased to announce that he will be adding one more Wellness Clinic to his Current London List - sometime before before Christmas this year.

Please kindly contine to visit Dr Obi's Alternative Medicine ClinicBlog for further information and other updates.

Alternative Medicine Clinics For Men : Update 2 : Advanced Natural Fertility Support Interventions

Alternative Medicine Fertility Support Clinics For Men

Locations : Worldwide | Local | National | International | Global

Alternative Medicine Fertility Support Clinics For Men are now available in all major International Cities.

Kindly click on the email link below to contact us discreetly.

Price Plans start from just £99 Per Consultation.

Thank You.

* We also run Eclectic Professional Training Workshops for those who wish to train to becomeQualified Fertility Support Consultants .

Kindly send all emails to us via our Online Consultation Form

Alternative Medicine Clinic : Online Call Button

We have just launched an Alternative Medicine ClinicOnline Consultation Button - for those wishing to ethically obtain Quick (and Safe) Expert Advice during Non-Emergencies.

* Please kindly click on the Call Button (above) to speak directly with a Fully-Qualified (and Comprehensively-Experienced) Alternative Medicine Doctor !*

Professor Joseph Obi | Online Learning | Video-Conferencing | e-Apprenticeship Programme for International (Over-Seas) Clinical Candidates

We are exceedingly pleased to announce that Professor Joseph Obi will now be including a Distance-Learning Component to his Alternative Medicine Clinical Apprentice Scheme - to expediently accommodate certain International (Over-Seas) Applicants who may not be able to afford to Physically Attend every single Alternative Medicine ClinicSession within the United Kingdom.

Interested Candidates must have very reliable access to the Internet ; together with Suitable Video-Conferencing Apparatus.

Dr Joseph Obi : Alternative Medicine Petition Update : Hundreds More Signatures Wanted.

Dr Joseph Obi would like to publicly thank all those who have signed his Downing Street Petition for Greater UK Government Support for Alternative Medicine.

Professor Obi warmly encourages many more hundreds of you to continue to endorse and circulate it throughout the UK and beyond.

Joseph Obi to extend Alternative Medicine Clinical Apprentice Programme to University Graduates

Alternative Medicine Doctor Joseph ObiFRCAM(Dublin) is currently expanding his Clinical Apprenticeship Scheme to accommodate a whole new generation of University Graduates.

Further information will be supplied shortly