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Quack Medicine Awards | Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi

Alternative Medicine Strongman , ProfessorDr Joseph Chikelue Obi , has warmly agreed to host the upcoming 2013 Quack Medicine Awards (aka the Quammies). . .

More Information will be publicly released soon.

Joseph Chikelue Obi | The Quackometer Scandal

Professor Joseph Chikelue ObiQuackometer Racism Blog ScandalComing Soon.

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Joseph Chikelue Obi , will soon be publicly revealing exactly how Top Political Members of the Ousted UK Labour Party Government corruptly joined Forces with a Racist UK Quackometer Blog . . . in a Failed Attempt to shamelessly undermine Black British Voters.

Dr Joseph ObiSecret Quackometer Funding FilesComing Soon.

Professor Joseph Obi Weeps For Jailed Youths.

2014 MEP Elections Aspirant , Professor Joseph Obistill remainsabsolutely horrified to have recently learnt that ( according to the UK Chief Inspector of Prisons), Black Men now account for almost half of the population of British Jails ; despite the fact that the percentage of Black People in the United Kingdom is still under 10%.

Joseph Chikelue Obi | RCAM Speaking Events

Professor Joseph Chikelue ObiFRCAM (Dublin) will not be available for any additional Alternative Medicine Public Speaking Engagements till the Late Autumn of 2012 ; as his Touring Schedule for most of the Upcoming Year is now comprehensively booked.

Thank You.

Joseph Chikelue Obi Decimates The Quackometer

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Joseph Chikelue Obi , has once againdecisively thrashed the Quackometer . . .

Further Gossip will definitely be arriving shortly.