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Joseph Chikelue Obi | The Triumphant Return of the Alternative Medicine Strongman | Professor Joseph Obi Boldly Moves Forth.

We are exceedingly pleased to duly confirm (once again) that Royal College of Alternative Medicine Strongman , Professor Joseph ObiFRCAM(Dublin) , is to continue to formidably serve as the Chief Political Strategist of the Alternative Medicine Campaign ; until further notice.

As previously stated on numerous occasions , please be duly reminded that the New Official Alternative Medicine Campaign Website Address is still has all of the previous information which was present on the Former Site.

Thank You.

Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi | 2014 MEP Campaign

Archbishop Joseph Obi | Cardinal Interfaith Leader


Joseph Chikelue Obi | Alternative Medicine Day !

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi | Alternative Medicine Day.

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Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi | Getting Effective Alternative Medicine Publicity | Target Population

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi - Effective Alternative Medicine Publicity ( Tip Number 1 ) : Target Population

*Identify your Target Population

You must be totally familiar with your Target Audience ; to enable you eclectically deploy the most precise style and language which comprehensively suits the particular public moment in question.

Always remember to solidly back up a Sensationalist, ‘Tabloid’ Style with lots (and lots) of Truth and Fact.

Do not hesitate to liberally insert a copious amount of Ethical Humour , whenever such an intervention is appropriately deemed to be ultimately necessary.

*Please remember to cite Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi in all future references to this post .

Thank You.

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Dr Joseph Obi | Thank You | Joseph Chikelue Obi

Dr Joseph Obi would (once again) like to publicly express his Profound Personal Gratitude to all those who have boldly supported him (so far).

Alternative Medicine is Alive and Kicking !!!

. . . We Will Ultimately Prevail . . .

Important Message From Professor Joseph Obi

*Kindly Remember to Fully Update your Bookmarks and Weblinks.

The Official RCAM (HQ) Website Address is

The Official RCAM Press Office Address is

The Official Alternative Medicine Campaign Website Address is

The Official MLC Address is

After our Highly Successful Campaign in the UK , we discarded over 20 of the other Websites which were No Longer of any use to us.

Please also note that further to the raft of Incoming European Union Directives , it is hereby confirmed that the Alternative Medicine Campaign ,RCAM and the MLC are now effectively part of the International Clinical Movement for the Advancement of Preventive Medicine.

All European Holders of the DR(AM) Designation will now potentially be eligible to apply for Statutory Registration , via an exclusive arrangement with a Full Member State of the European Union.

As a result of this merger ; all DR(AM) Candidates will henceforth have to spend 3 Lunar M…

Alternative Medicine Clinic | Professor Joseph Obi

The Alternative Medicine Clinic of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi is currently recruiting International Network Partners ; to ethically handle the management of a lot of his International Clients.

Potential Candidates must posses the Brand New Alternative Medicine Doctor Title.

Professor Joseph Obi will (regretfully) not be able to respond to any Applicants who fail to fundamentally meet this Basic Clinical Requirement.

Thank You.

Professor Joseph Obi | Alternative Medicine News

Professor Joseph Obi warmly advises those Alternative Medicine Doctors wishing to apply for the Brand NewAlternative Medicine Doctor Prefix Title , to also remember to duly apply for a place in the December 2012 Induction Ceremony ; so that they can be able to take Photgraphs (with Colleagues) in their Full Professional Regalia (Academic cap and Gown)

Professor Obi is warmly expecting you.

Thank You