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Alternative Medicine

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Always Act Responsibly at All Times.

It is your due right to comprehensively educate yourself concerning Basic Relevant Health Issues and Helpful General Medical Knowledge.
You also duly have the unquestionable right to lawfully seek Helpful (Wellness and Wellbeing) Information ; with the Ultimate Aim of making wise use of it for your own benefit, and that of …

Alternative Medicine Clinics

Alternative Medicine Fertility Support Clinics For MenLocations : Worldwide | Local | National | International | Global Alternative Medicine Fertility Support Clinics For Men are now available in all major International Cities. Kindly click on the email link below to contact us discreetly. Price Plans start from just £99 Per Consultation. Thank You. * We also run Eclectic Professional Training Workshops for those who wish to train to becomeQualified Fertility Support Consultants . Kindly send all emails to us via our Online Consultation Form
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Alternative Medicine Clinic

An Alternative Medicine Clinic has the Eclectic Clinical Potential to Ethically Empower it's Clients to Holistically Cope with the consequences of Altered States of Wellness.|Alternative Medicine Clinicsdo not follow the (Conventional) Orthodox Disease Approach.

The World Health Organization currently recognizes the Following List of Diseases :

A|A-alphalipoprotein Neuropathy (see Tangier Disease)|Abdominal Cramps (see Colic)|Abdominal Delivery (see Cesarean Section)|Abdominal Injuries|Abdominal Pain|Abortion, Induced|Abortion, Spontaneous|Abscess|Abscess, Amebic (see Amebiasis)|Abscess, Pulmonary (see Lung Abscess)|Abscess, Retropharyngeal (see Retropharyngeal Abscess)|Acantholysis Bullosa (see Epidermolysis Bullosa)|Acariasis (see Mite Infestations)|Achalasia, Esophageal (see Esophageal Achalasia)|Achondroplasia|Achromatopsia (see Color Vision Defects)|Acid-Base Imbalance|Acidosis|Acidosis, Diabetic (see Diabetic Ketoacidosis)|Acne (see Acne Vulgaris)|Acne Vulgaris|Acoustic Neurom…